So a few years back this feminist chose to set her sights on gaming and all the “inequalities” in gaming. I decided to do some research and critique her work and I didn’t need $100 000+ to do it. No, I will simply look at her work and deliver honest, uncensored, unfiltered FACTS. Something she seems incapable of doing.

She wastes her supporters money

I looked at her report about how the money she recieved was spent and right off the bat something stood out to me. Let’s break it down quick:

The total was around $158 000 so let’s round it up to $160 000 for easy calculation. That means she spent a total of $8000 on games and system as she call it alone. Now lets be generous and say she used $1500 to buy the consoles. That leaves $6500 over for games. That means she had enough money left to purchase around 110 AAA titles at $60 each. Anita you naughty naughty girl! For one that seems so anti gaming you sure brought yourself a pretty decent amount of games! It doesn’t stop there. She presumably spent 3% on “Online Security” which means $4800 alone on that. That’s all fine and dandy but considering she is running a WordPress site she either horribly overspent on this or she is lying. I checked her site out and I am not impressed. I ran it through Built With and just by doing that identified 3 common flaws a hacker can use to do all kinds of dirty business to her site.

She outright lies in her videos

The best example of this I can find is her Hitman Absolution piece where she not just lied about multiple aspects of the game but completely avoids mentioning that most of the actions she done that she claimed was encouraged will actually lower your score. Anita you are already 0 – 2 you got to make a comeback quick or you’re going to lose this fight.

She avoids quoting any sort of proven statistics

If I were to claim I have evidence that Anita Sarkeesian has a hollow head with only a peanut sitting there reading the newspaper without proving any source of the evidence that is clearly a false statement. If you watch her videos there are no proven statistics for half the things she says. That puts you at 0 – 3 ouch!

So to close off I want to say this. Before listening to critique always make sure the source is not some overhyped garbage human(she likes calling people that).

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