I’m getting sick and tired of hearing that sentence. I mean who in their right mind would believe a white male growing up in South Africa has any sort of privilege? Let me give you some backstory quickly so you can understand what I am trying to say here. I am a white male South African born two years before the end of Apartheid. I never seen the horrors of it because by the time I was old enough to understand it, it no longer existed.

Racism was never a thing because I had friends of multiple races and to me they were just my friends. I didn’t judge them based on their skin colour but rather on the fact they were nice to me. No, my first experience with racism was when a black kid assaulted me and told the principal I called him a racial slur(which FYI I did not do). Later in life I became a self taught software/web developer. I was teaching myself how to code and worked for less than minimum wage just to build up experience. Now can you please tell me where was my privilege that sites like http://stopracism.iol.co.za wants to claim I have? Why did I have to teach myself how to code if through my “privilege” of being white I just get? Newsflash it wasn’t there because IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!

Privilege is an invented social construct used be people like Feminists to try and explain away the differences between groups. By that same logic, according to global statistics white people are less privileged than asians because they earn around 25% more. I could by that same logic go and say asians are privileged because of their race. I don’t do that though and guess why… I am not stupid enough to believe race has anything to do with it. Culturally Asian families are a lot harder on their kids to do well and to work hard to achieve great things. Race has nothing to do with it. Yes I do joke and say Asians have it in their blood to be good at Starcraft but that is a joke. I am not stupid enough to believe privilege has anything to do with it.

Let’s look at some other factors that might play a role in the division of wealth in South Africa. Perhaps the fact that there are welfare systems in place that basically pay you just for having more children if you are poor is a problem. Perhaps breeding a sense of entitlement amongst some of these communities is causing this mindset which in turn causes massive poverty.

I hope to live to see the day where this false narrative is finally erased and society starts to fix the real issues.

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