I’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately on what makes a good password. Stuff like using combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols and I need to ask something silly here. Why? You see people are under the impression that if you use an “uncrackable” password they will be safe on the internet. SPOILER ALERT: Nobody is. Take for instance this very website. It’s running on WordPress. Now WordPress is a great platform for bloggers but is it secure? No it’s not. A basic WordPress installation without any plugins can be broken into in mere seconds. That’s one of the unfortunate side effects of open source systems like WordPress. Everyone has access to go and view the codebase. Now just imagine what happens when a nefarious hacker spots a flaw in the codebase? He keeps quiet. He will build a scanner to mass scan and exploit thousands of sites with the vulnerability he discovered in mere seconds.

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