Well since I feel the need to start a war I think it’s time to make something clear. Feminism is completely and utterly stupid. Now I guarantee you I will get a metric ton of flack for saying that but unfortunately it’s true. Later in this post I’ll list out my opinions on why I think it’s stupid but let me start by telling you a story. A few years ago I dated a feminist. She tried “educating” me on how it’s necessary and all kinds of bullshit around it and it made me realise something. She was an idiot. She used the non existant wage gap and all men being rapists as every single argument about why feminism is needed. Now yes you are probably wondering the same thing I was at the time which was why would somebody date a person they are indirectly calling a rapist by making that statement and no I never got an answer. She also stated because I was earning about 5 times her salary the wage gap exists which I calmly tried explaining by stating she can’t expect a software developer and a bookshop assistant(cashier) to earn the same salary but that was met with more deflection(this seems to be a trend with feminists). You are probably wondering why I dated her and to be 100% honest I don’t know. I’ll attribute it to me being young and stupid. Today I’m engaged to a lovely lady that is a teacher and not even close to a feminist so I clearly grew up. Anyway let me get on to my reasons for calling feminists stupid.

Feminism makes women a liability in the work place

Feminism is a leading factor to why companies might rather choose to hire a man than a woman. Hiring a women now poses the inherent risk that should a male employee just make an offensive joke the company can be forced to deal with a sexual harassment case. This can cause a company a great deal of bad publicity and can hurt share prices and sales.

Feminism encourages illogical thinking

You have seen the countless times feminism has lead to people getting fired for opposing the movement. It seems their main choice of weapon is obtaining a person’s identity illegally and writing letters to employers to get them fired. How is this a logical way of thinking? If you want feminists to be taken seriously this is not the way to do it.

Feminism does not encourage free thinking

Feminism is based around skewed statistics and false science to try to convince people to join their movement. Anita Sarkeesian is a prime example of a feminist that is making up stories and telling lies to try to prove a point. She also exploits her followers to donate thousands of dollars so she can live a comfortable life doing NOTHING productive for women.

Nobody needs feminism

This is perhaps my favourite point to make and the truest of all. We live in a time that women are allowed to vote, can have careers and be free thinkers. Why do women need femism then? Sure there are some cultures and religions that do not grant women these freedoms but femism is doing NOTHING of value to change this.

So there you had it. My reasons for opposing feminism. Perhaps I’ll make this a regular type of content to do.

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