My first entry in this list should show you exactly how insane I truly am and that there will be no topic too sensitive for me to cover. So let’s get this show on the road!

Now before I get bombarded with questions like “Why are you transphobic?” or “Why do you hate transgender people?” I want to make one thing very clear. I do not hate or fear transgender people. I simply think we need to take a step back and address some of the issues that you will never hear about at a transgender rights rally. Let’s get one thing straight quickly for a second. The term gender was originally intended as a lighter way to ask for one’s sex. So any abimegender or foxkin people reading please stop encouraging attention seeking behavior or potential mental illnesses. There are more but Tumblr seems to contain them quite nicely so we’ll leave it there.

I want to cover cases of men and women that feel they were born the wrong gender. These people go through hell every single day feeling like they are trapped in a body that doesn’t belong to them. Can you imagine what that must feel like? Now let’s look at possible reasons for this strange occurrence and if by allowing gender correction surgeries in some cases we might be leaving people with serious mental illnesses untreated.

The Causes

Hormonal Imbalances

One of the causes and which I believe might be the majority of cases is due to hormonal imbalances. Biologically you might be a male but your brain is producing the incorrect balance of hormones at the time causing you to behave and feel like a woman.

Neurological States

Research cannot come to a conclusion on the roll one’s neurological state plays in gender dysphoria but there is a clear correlation to it. A lot of neurological states alter ones view on the world and can cause one to see things in a different way such as Autism. I wish to quote Desisterresister’s detransitioner survey to outline one example of this.

“I’d always felt like I had a male brain and I think it had heavily to do with my inability to relate to other females due to pretty secvere ADHD.”

“My alienation from femaleness was related in part to how ADD features made me unable to meet the gendered expectations (behaviorally and aesthetically) others had for me.”

“My autism made me see other females as a completely different species.”

From this example we can see a clear case where an individual was unable to identify with other biological females which could have lead to confusion in gender identity.


This is another point where the lines of reality get blurred. Some individuals have trouble accepting their homosexuality and start to believe they are not the correct gender. This is often seen in cases where children are brought up in very religious households that regard homosexuality as a sin.

Sexual Assault

Another factor that plays a part is sexual assault. Being a victim of secual assault can cause one to use gender dysphoria as a defence mechanism to cope with the trauma. An example would be a female thinking she would not have been sexually assaulted if she was a male. Also from Desisterresister’s detransitioner survey

“I had no sense of self but I knew I didn’t want to be a woman because bad things happen to women. I developed a very masculine self at a young age after being raped, and it was absolutely to dissociate myself from pain.”

“I…feel that my experiences of sexual abuse massively impacted my ability to tolerate my presence within my body, and my relationship to the material consequences of operating this body.”

“PTSD – raped by a girl at 19…Needed anything to show me a way out of my body. Anything to make it not the body that could be hurt by someone else.”

Peer Pressure

Research only recently recognised peer pressure as a leading cause of gender dysphoria. Cases have been observed in mainly female teens where entire groups of friends start “coming out” as trans. The cause of this is unknown but believed to be correlated to gender “specialists” informing parents that love and acceptance is the only course of action to take. The result of which leads to entire groups of friends start taking hormones and have surgery while their naive parents lovingly support their possibly life ruining actions.
Depression and Anxiety Disorders”If only I were a boy, then I would be happy” also known as “The Grass is Always Greener” phenomenon. This is a frequent theme found in on-line discussion groups among teens.

From Desisterresister’s detransitioner survey

“My dysphoria certainly fed my depression and vice versa, pushing me to identify as a trans man and look into transitioning.”

“I felt that because I was depressed and wanted to escape my body, that transition would help solve all my problems.”

“I feel like anxiety worsened by vitriolic 2013 Tumblr discourse kinda…made me, an impressionable kid, feel like I was a bad person if I wasn’t trans”

To close off I want to say that all people should be given freedom of individuality and be accepted for who they are but if by doing so society makes a possibly treatable mental illness into an accepted norm we migbt see a rise in self mutilation and suicide rates. There is a fine line to draw here that we need to start looking at from a different point of view.

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