The recent developments in South Africa with the whole land expropriation chaos has got me thinking about something that not a lot of people want to say out loud. What will be the true consequences of this should it ever go through? Now the obvious end result would be South Africa ends up like Zimbabwe and the country starts facing extreme poverty and you see mass food shortages and the whole country crashes but what if that is not what happens.

What if it’s war?

Think about this for a second. Most of the world has made it clear that they are not prepared to step in and stop the blatant racist policies the ANC wants to put in place so what if this mass genocide of white people the EFF likes to refer to does not exactly as they think it would? The racists that keep saying white people must leave the country aren’t taking something into consideration.

We love our country.

South Africa is the Rainbow Nation. It’s a beautiful country with vast cultural diversity and with so much potential. A lot of white South Africans ran away and I don’t blame them for doing so. The tensions are mounting and everyday we are inching closer and closer to the culmination of events and I don’t think it’s going to be pretty. There are some that don’t want to fight but there are some that will not stand by and accept harm coming to fellow South Africans. I’m not alone when I say that no matter the race of my fellow South African I will defend this country with pride. What the ANC wants to do will not destroy the white population of this beautiful country, it will destroy the entire country. We don’t want our country to go to waste. We don’t want to see the country that we all built together end up a wasteland where nobody can thrive.

It’s not just White South Africans

What these racists are trying to say is it’s White vs. Black but it’s not that simple. The whole country will suffer under these racist policies. If this whole thing does end up in a war you will see two sides emerge. There will be those that want to enrich themselves by stealing the country dry and those that want to unite as a nation to rise up above all of this. The unfortunate thing is like in any war there will be casualties. Innocent people will die. Nobody wants to lose their family in a bloody war that could have been stopped if these policies does not go into effect but it will happen. The poor will suffer the most of all people and this should not happen.

I say we rise up and whatever happens we stand together as one unified nation of all races and we fight the corrupt, racist criminals behind all of this. I will end this post with a simple quote:

“If the ANC does to you what the Apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the Apartheid government.” – Nelson Mandela, Cosatu Conference, 1993

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