It’s so close! It’s so close I can taste it! What am I talking about you ask? The release of the new WoW expansion of course! I have been psyched to play this expansion ever since Blizzcon 2017. I guess part of my excitement stems from the fact that I didn’t enjoy Legion as much as I thought I would. Now don’t get me wrong, Legion was a great expansion but the one element I really enjoy about WoW just wasn’t there for me and that’s a rich story. Warlords of Draenor had this epic story where you fought alongside Khadgar and Thrall and the rest and you actually felt like a soldier of the Horde where Legion felt bland to me. Some of the zones like High Mountain really gripped me but the story later on started feeling dead. I think part of my opinion was influenced by how they broke Warrior and put the core of my spec behind RNG based legendary items. That annoyed me so much. Oh and the fact that fel green was more than half of the landscapes really put me off. The part the story really started to fall to pieces was that nothing you did felt like it had any lasting impact on the world. In WoD every quest felt like it was part of the story no matter how trivial it was. In Legion you were the champion of your class wielding an weapon of great power fighting Azeroth’s greatest foe yet you still got stuck killing boars!? Are you telling me there isn’t to some grunt that could’ve done it? I loved that Illidan finally got his redemption story even if he got a bit edgy at times it was still epic to fight alongside him. I guess this is why I’m excited for Battle for Azeroth. I’ll be there fighting the Alliance as a soldier again. I will be there turning the tides and doing what I love most: roasting gnomes and annihilating the rest. I wonder if Garrosh left us a Mana Bomb or two lying around… Stormwind could do with a makeover.

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